Friday, December 6, 2013

New Chinook book, new Chinook blog

It's nearly a new year, and my 2013 resolution was to start jogging (done!). My 2014 resolution is to start blogging (doing!).  I've been following a few sewing blogs for the past few months, and as an avid seamstress and avid procrastinator, I thought this blog about my ventures in Eating My Way Through The new 2014 Seattle and Puget Sound Chinook Book would be just the ticket to avoiding starting my sewing blog until at least the actual year of 2014. So welcome to blog land me!

The idea for Eating My Way Through the Puget Sound Chinook Book (here for to referred to as EMWTtSaPSCB - or - the Book for short) also arose as a way to finally go to all those great sounding restaurants and locales around the Sound before moving to Portland in the fall, when I shall hope to EMWTtPDXCB in 2015.

I hesitate to even start this blog as I think about all the eating I have to do - not that I am averse to eating - just that I am somewhat lazy and somewhat of a food snob. But a food snob in perhaps not the accustomed sense. I have rather recently started cooking, and like any new-to-you hobby, I think I can do it rather well, or at least better than many places I've eaten. But then again, I haven't actually gone out to that many diverse restaurants in the Sound as I now live on Bainbridge Island. So, back to the original motivation for this post - eat around the sound before I don't live around the sound.

First stop! Hitchcock Deli on Bainbridge Island. Now, for those of you Puget sounders who live on the west coast, head over to the east coast by way of the Bainbridge ferry. A short walk down Winslow Way to Hitchcock and the stage left Hitchcock Deli will start you off well onto your way of eating 'round the sound.

The day started with a quick run on the tread mill to make a little more room for the Pastrami Sandwich (options, piled high or just piled). Now, Hitchcock Deli is a tiny slice of a galley like deli. Standing on the left, cured meats a plenty on the right. Two for one sandwich coupon, check! Total savings: $9.50.

Enjoying the 2 for 1 (or as they say south of the border - 1 for 2) pastrami, my dear husband and I decided to splurge on 2 tasty beers and celebrate the bright crisp afternoon and sit on the outdoor bench (heated, but only so warm on a bright day like today) and enjoy some exceptional people and dog watching. A few comments on the sandwich: pastrami - outstanding. Not weird pink, just juicy, very lightly salty, and just the right amount of tang. The house made slaw (more like pickled cabbage than slaw, and much better) was a perfect topping along with the house made Russian dressing. The bread wasn't quite substantial enough to hold on to the pile and was already on its way to a little soggy upon arrival. I'd say a little toasting or grilling was in order, but this was only a minor blemish on an otherwise tasty lunch.

Originally from the other East coast, it was tough to decide where to leave the tip, so we split the vote but then I gave in a gave the East coast the rest of the change (the balance of what the tip would be if we'd paid full price).

Next stop! Buy some milk! Discussing the rules and parameters of this blog, my husband and I decided food only (but may forage into some services offered in the Book). Typically I buy the cream on the top out of the bottle (did I mention I did some time on a dairy farm back East) kind of milk, but per the rules of the book blog adventure, we bought the brand with the coupon.

Total savings today: $10.50

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